Equal access for all learners to quality mathematics education

The NORSMA10 conference will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland, November 4th and 5th 2021. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners to present and discuss research and developmental work in the field of teaching mathematics for all and regarding diverse needs in mathematics learning.  In the spirit of the United Nations Sustainability Developmental Goals 4 (SDG4) the goal is to work towards all learners’ equal access to quality mathematics education. 

The Nordic Research network on Special Needs Education in Mathematics (NORSMA) was established in 2003 by professionals working within the fields of mathematics and special needs education. The network has held conferences every other year in the Nordic countries focusing on research on teaching students with difficulties in learning mathematics. The first conference was in Kristiansand in Norway 2001 before the network was officially established. 

The Teacher Day

Linked to the conference there will be seminars for teachers about mathematics teaching and learning. Three workshops will be available on the 6th of November. 

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Submission process

Submission opened December 1st 2019 and because the conference was postponed by a year, we ask those who have already been informed that their papers were accepted to send an email to norsma10@hi.is stating if their submission is unchanged or if it will be updated. New submissions are welcomed. 

The final date for submissions is May 7th 2021. The submission should be for one of the following: 

Paper presentation 

Paper sessions are oral presentations of three to four papers, followed by a discussion with the audience. Each presenter is given 20 minutes to present a clear argument, preferably based on empirical data, with 10 minutes for discussion.  


Proposals for symposium are welcome. The proposal should have a short opening statement that provides the background for the symposium. The setup is otherwise the same as for the paper presentation regarding abstract requirements. Symposium organizers can arrange the sessions as paper sessions (see above), workshops, round table or group discussions. 

Developmental work 

Developmental work sessions are suitable for presenting developmental work in the domain of teaching diverse groups of learners mathematics and/or special needs education. The format of these sessions can be either as paper presentations or as workshops, round table or group discussions.

Please submit a summary of your work no longer than 300-600 words for a paper presentation or a symposium, and no longer than 200-400 words for developmental work presentation. The deadline for submission is May 7th 2021 and participants will be informed of acceptance two weeks later.