Equal access for all learners to quality mathematics education


Session chair: Olaug Ellen Lona Svingen

The team around the child and professional development

Olaug Ellen Lona Svingen, Co-author: Astrid Bondø





Inclusion and early intervention are emphasized of the Norwegian government to secure that all students will get the same possibilities to learn in kindergarten and school. To strength the team around the child through professional development, is one way to achieve this.  The Norwegian center for mathematics education (Matematikksenteret) and Statped has developed online resources for such professional development, how to work with low-achieving students in mathematics. These resources are developed for schools and Educational and psychological counselling service (PPT) to strengthen the cooperation between the two institutions and develop their understanding of how one can work to give low-achieving students the same access to important mathematical knowledge as other students.  The online resources are free to use and decisions about how to organize the work is done locally. Schools and PPT can work individually or together. To secure the quality of the resources each module is tried out with schools and PPT and final revisions are completed in spring 2020.

The focus of the workshop is professional development and gives an example of how professional development might be carried out. In the workshop I will give a brief overview of the online resources developed of Matematikksenteret and Statped. Further the participants will be invited to work with some of the activities from the online resources. This work will be followed up with a discussion about how this kind of work will strength the team around the child.  Important questions in the discussion are: How do these activities influence the view of learning and teaching mathematics? How do we position children as learners? How can these activities enhance the cooperation between different members of the team around the child? The activities in the workshop, are related to observing and developing students’ strategies in computation. Through the workshop the participants will work in groups and take part in plenary discussions.


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